Wishful Drinking

by Rook the Rhymer, Bill Beats

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    Nothing, however, is gonna make it sound better than a drink and a smoke.

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Originally appearing on "Bill Beats for President, Volume 1" (where it was mistitled "Buy Me a Drink"), this is the first track ever credited to Rook the Rhymer.



I’m done with the endless complaining, it’s straining my brain and I don’t need the worry
But this shit leads to infinite bitching – hit me with another beer, and please hurry
Cuz if I’m not guzzling whiskey or bourbon than surely I’ll just end up waxing pathetic
On the other hand drinking this ceaselessly might mean I’ll need an IV and a medic

But what would you do when the optimism’s through and you find no more reason for smiling?
When the rational mind finds existence unkind it will see pure pot still as beguiling
The political gaffes played no longer for laughs while the nation is falling to shambles
Man I’m sorry for slurring, but when I get to worrying I need shots of rum or I ramble

What was I saying again? Hit this shotglass, my friend. Fuck it, I can’t really remember
This unquenchable summer’s a most mentionable bummer; I hope the heat cools by September
And November is near, with elections unclear as the self-centered get-rich agenda
Of the candidates named on whose heads will be blamed all our problems come end of December

How the fuck’s it make sense that my just recompense is the best salary I’ve ever taken
But my cupboard is bare? Funds as thin as my hair, I can’t manage to bring home that bacon
And that kind human nature’s been corrupted by haters, we can’t stand to keep each other near
It’s the end times, I fear, so just pour me a beer so you can pour me another beer

If I added the minutes for each drink that I finished and spent drowning all of my sorrows
I’d simply reuse it to drink all your booze in the quest for a drunker tomorrow
Then again, come to think, I’ve had that much to drink, and this tavern needs constant restocking
So that’s not much to say; put an IPA on my coaster so I can keep talking

We’ve all got our quibbles, some big, but most little, and the truth is when it’s said and done
It’s beyond 99, all these problems of mine, and a bitch is more of ‘em than one
But I’ve always got liquor to kickstart this bum ticker and the rocks with all their blissful clinking
When I’m drunk I’m content with the life I’ve misspent; then again, could just be wishful drinking


released October 2, 2012
Vocals, Lyrics: Rook the Rhymer (Jess Hart)
Beats, Production, Mixing, Mastering: Bill Beats (Nick Thompson)

Contains a sample from "Somebody Buy Me a DrinK" by Oscar Brown, Jr. & Oscar Peterson, Jr.



all rights reserved


Rook the Rhymer Seattle, Washington

The solo project of MC-3PO from the nerdcore trio Death*Star, Rook the Rhymer shows the more philosophical and lyrical side of Jess Hart, tackling subjects of a personal nature.

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